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From Bombay, with Love!

When was the last time you devoured something bitter to celebrate an occasion/ a festival? Be it someone’s birthday, a promotion or a religious festival, we seek to create sweet memories. Think timeless classics to vegan mithai to no added sugar options. Think quality benchmarks like no artificial colours / stabilisers or anything that sounds like a formula you learned in chemistry class . Think honest ingredients: saffron from Kashmir, vanilla from Kerala , nuts & seeds direct from the farmer community, all put together using heirloom recipes by 3rd generation mithai masters.Our story begins with a commitment to tradition, purity, and farm-fresh ingredients. We take pride in upholding the values that have been passed down through the generations. Each morsel of our mithai is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the essence of authentic Indian sweets.

Crafting Sweet Memories

From the bustling streets of Bombay, to the heart of Singapore, we bring to you the sweetest memories crafted with love.

Made With Love

Old school recipes with new age options. Times change, Tradition remains timeless. Clean ingredients, slow cooking, nostalgic yet modern.